Who I am and what I’m doing here

In honor of my 43rd birthday, I’ve given birth to a blog!

I’m a mother to four boys (ages 14, 10, 7, and 3), with a wonderful husband and an adorable dog (male, of course).  I find myself drowning in the sea of testosterone that flows through our home.  As such, I’m always looking for ways to escape into a little bit of girly ‘me-time’.

Whenever I can, I steal away to hide between the pages of a good read.  My tastes lately have leaned toward historical fiction, particularly those of the romance genre.  There’s just something about a well tied cravat…

I’ve never found a better escape than in a book … unless it’s at the mall.

I was never one to obsess over make-up as a teen, that waited until my thirties (although I do confess to searching for the perfect mascara since I was 15 … I’ll let you know if I ever find it).  As I’ve entered my *cough* forties I’ve turned my obsessive personality toward nail polish.  I find it an economical and fun way to stay current with color trends.  I can express myself and my moods without a major investment of time or money.  One day I’m goth wearing black polish, the next I’m sporting bubble gum pink.

I’d like to share my latest reads and polish finds, offering fair unbiased reviews of both literature and lacquer … with some literature-inspired lacquer thrown in for fun!

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