New Release & Giveaway: Gypsy Heat by Jillian Neal

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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
New Release & Giveaway: Gypsy Heat by Jillian NealGypsy Heat by Jillian Neal
Series: Gypsy Beach #3
Published by Realm Press on August 25, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Dating & Sex, Fiction, Love & Romance, Romance
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Nadya Montgomery was Gypsy Beach’s own personal wild child. There was nothing she wouldn’t do, especially when it came to Grady Havens. Until disaster struck and tore them apart. Desperate to protect Grady, she ran away from everything and everyone she’d ever known.

Fourteen years later, Nadya returns to the beach to try to rebuild some semblance of her life out of her ex-husband’s shadow, but that means returning to her past and seeing Grady Havens again.

Now a charter boat captain constantly trying to put his past behind him, Grady doesn’t know what to make of Nadya’s return. All he knows is she was always meant to be his, and he intends to make his claim. He wants her back in his life and most certainly back in his bed.

When his entire family is threatened, he’s caught between rekindling his relationship with Nadya and protecting what belongs to him.

Together they try to rebuild what always should have been, but their pasts are determined to keep them ensnared. As passions ignite between them, they realize that even Grady may not be able to keep her safe this time.

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My Thoughts:

Jillian Neal’s third installment in her Gypsy Beach series turns up the heat in this second-chance romance.

In a genre ripe with billionaire bad boys, Gypsy Heat provides a refreshing hero in fisherman/small-business owner Grady Havens. Having loved Nadya Montgomery since they were young children, Grady never fully recovered from losing her when she fled town , destroying the future they had always dreamed of.  Grady immersed himself in building his family’s charter fishing boat business, raising his younger brothers and caring for his ailing father. Upon Nadya’s sudden return to Gypsy Beach, Grady dedicates himself to rebuilding their future together. His salt-of-the-earth, tough guy persona hides a caring man who strives to take care of others. He’s in his element as he welcomes Nadya back into his life and helps her begin her healing process.

Nadya was a more difficult character to connect with for me. She was at times fierce and strong, standing up to bigots for their anti-Gypsy racism, then cowering in fear whenever she was alone. The entire events of the novel took place over a brief period of time, shortchanging Nadya’s recovery from her abusive marriage in favor of rekindling romance and solving a rash of crimes attributed to the local Gypsy population.

Gypsy Heat delivers a steamy and satisfying trip to the beach without the annoying sand in your bathing suit. If there are charter boat captains like Grady waiting for me, then I’d certainly take up fishing. 😉


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Gypsy Heat Excerpt:

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Grady huffed as he studied his youngest brother. Beau had been twitchy since he’d entered the new boathouse. He looked like a wary bass circling a hook debating its fate.

“Nothing.” He bristled and fidgeted with the boat keys in his hand. Grady and Nate had been trying to sort through the old fishing boxes of contracts, receipts, licenses, and paystubs at night now that they had an actual office to hold it all.

Nate rolled his eyes. “You know he’s not gonna let it go. Whatever it is just spill it.” He thumbed through a stack of old contracts before tossing them into the trash.

Very conveniently, Beau checked his watch. “I gotta get out of here.”

Moving nothing more than his overly-muscled arm, Grady caught the back of Beau’s shirt and prevented him from escaping.

“What the hell is going on with you?”

“She asked me not to say anything … but I kind of think you should know. Maybe?” Beau made a partial confession.

Grady’s brow furrowed, and he released his little brother. “Who asked you not to say anything?”

His head dropped, and Grady barely made out the word, “Nadya.”

Nate dropped the paperwork in his hand. The entire world seemed to stop spinning at that moment. Grady was unable to make any audible sound. He was stunned.

“You saw Nadya? Like Grady’s Nadya?” Nate beat him to the punch.

“Yeah,” Beau sighed. “She was at the coffee shop. Said she was gonna be here for a few weeks, and …”

“And what?” Grady managed to grunt. His heart felt like some kind of deranged pinball ricocheting from his throat, to his ribcage, to his gut in a nauseating cadence. It rang in his ears.

About Author Jillian Neal:

Author Jillian NealJillian Neal is a Romance author that manages to blend her imagination, Southern sass, and loving heart in every novel she pens. She showed her talent for weaving intricate plot lines and showcasing dynamic characters in her seven-book, urban fantasy, series, The Gifted Realm. Her skillset continues to shine in her contemporary series, Gypsy Beach, which will leave you with a longing to pack your bags and move to a tiny beach town full of bohemian charm.

She lives outside of Atlanta with her husband and their children.

Connect with Jillian’s Social Media:

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About the Gypsy Beach series:

Book #1

Gypsy Beach

Single father Ryan McNamara returns to the only place he’d ever been happy, Gypsy Beach. This time he’s divorced, broken, but determined to make something of his life. Sienna Cooper is determined to forget Ryan, the last decade, and all of the hurt he’d left her with. She’s got enough spunk and gypsy fire in her soul to make this work. She’s going to run her grandmother’s inn and make it a success. But when a chance encounter throws them back together, the passions ignite and the past doesn’t feel so far out of reach. Can they rekindle the love they’d once had? Can he convince her that he never intends to walk away again? Will a potent dose of unending lust, a lifetime of love, and enough hot-blooded Gypsy spirit be enough to save them both?


Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  iTunes 

Book #2: 

Gypsy Love

Arley Copeland vows never to trust anyone, much less a man, ever again. After her fledgling career as a romance writer grinds to a halt and her ex blabs to the press about her preferences in bed, she heads to Gypsy Beach, desperate to regain some anonymity and maybe figure out what to do next.

Divorce attorney John Rowan has been in on the explosive end of more marriages than he can count. Love never lasts. Of that he’s certain. Sick of barely existing inside the concrete jungle of Atlanta with the endless traffic and endless noise he heads towards a two-week reprieve in Gypsy Beach, North Carolina.

From the moment he lays eyes on Arley Copeland, John is determined to prove that not every guy on the planet is out to hurt her, and maybe teach her a thing or two about herself in his bed and out. With every sinfully sweet caress, they’re falling more and more in love. Their pasts may be fading away, but will John ever be prepared to risk it all on a lifetime love when he doesn’t believe such a thing could ever exist?


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