Review: Across the Hall by Kylie Walker

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Review: Across the Hall by Kylie WalkerAcross the Hall: A Brother's Best Friend Romance Novel by Kylie Walker
on February 21, 2016
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Heat Index:four-half-flames

Jude Falken has just been released from prison on good behavior. 

He's hot as hell, owns one of the largest fashion empires & has women coming and going day and night.

A delivery girl that shows up at his loft leaves him intrigued. 

She's gorgeous, shy & totally off limits. 

She's his best friend's little sister.

Jude knows better, he swore he wouldn't go there.


After returning from a year long internship in Paris, Jillian Warren is back in her hometown of Manhattan and steering clear of men.

Her new neighbor has her curious, wanting to know more. Her roommate & brother keeps telling her stay away but she can't.

As their worlds collide, Jillian soon finds out there is a darker side to Jude and she will soon be fighting her own emotions and memories of the one man she left in Paris.

Her past will soon catch up with her. She will be forced to decide.

Big brother's best friend or the hurtful memories of her past in Paris.

Rating:One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
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Once again, author Kylie Walker has written a romantic hero whose heart and heat could melt even the frostiest of souls (see my review of House of Paine for more deliciousness). Unfortunately, I found the female lead to be slightly undeserving of the delectable Jude’s devotion. The fault, of course, is entirely my own. Kylie Walker has such a deft hand at creating such yummy male protagonists, I don’t think any woman is worthy – that is until technology exists that will transport me directly into one of her books. Someone is working on that, yes?

Jillian Warren has just returned to New York after an internship in Paris and a failed love affair. Not long after her handsome and mysterious new neighbor seizes her attention. Problem is, Jillian’s protective older brother Ethan* has warned her off the enigmatic Jude Falken. Honestly, that’s like waving a steak in front of a starving lion. 🙄 If he really wanted Jillian to stay away from Jude, Ethan’s speech should have gone something like this:

Have you met our new neighbor Jude? He’s a buddy of mine from college. Man, did we party together! He’s always been such a player. He just got out of jail for killing a guy. You two should totally hook up.

Girl would have run to the nunnery if given that kind of info. Seriously, though, good thing Ethan is terrible at reverse psychology, otherwise we’d have missed out on the satisfying union of Jude and Jillian. (And I do mean that as a double entendre, they were both very satisfied. Repeatedly. Very. Satisfied.)

As Jillian and Jude grow closer, their burgeoning relationship is threatened by the reappearance of Jillian’s Paris ex (a total D-bag) and her lingering unresolved connection to him. I don’t get how she was tempted by him but kudos to Jude for handling it better than most Alpha males in novels would have. At the same time, Jude is confronted to potential betrayal, both personal and professional. Through it all, Jude and Jillian communicate and confide in one another, allowing them to build something genuine and lasting together.

Across the Hall is a quick entertaining read, with a little mystery and lots of chemistry.

*I want a ‘sister’s best friend’ novel about Ethan and Jillian’s fierce best friend Marcy. No doubt their story would burn up the pages!

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