Review: House of Paine by Kylie Walker

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Review: House of Paine by Kylie Walker

I received this book for free from Rock Star PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: House of Paine by Kylie WalkerHouse of Paine by Kylie Walker
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on February 2, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Suspense
Pages: 272
Purchase Links: AmazoniBooks
Heat Index:four-flames

Paige Acosta's world is flipped upside down when she learns her brother Greg, a undercover NYPD cop has died from an accidental heroine overdose. Paige knows this was no 'ACCIDENT'. 

Greg was obsessed with bringing down the two largest crime rings in New York. 

The Paine and Kramer families. 

Paige is already familiar with the head of the Paine family...he was married to her mother for five years. 

To avenge her brother's death, she drops everything and finds herself immersed in a world filled with tension, terror and the threat of death. 

Paige learns just how far she'll go to discover who murdered her brother…and questions how far she's willing to go with the son of the man who started it all. 

Rating:One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
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House of Paine by Kylie Walker is certainly not lacking in secrets, suspense, or sizzle. Unfortunately, sometimes I felt the heroine, Paige Acosta, lacked common sense.

After the death of Paige’s brother, undercover cop Greg Acosta, she learns that his partner suspects foul play. Rather than open an investigation or pursue the matter through proper legal channels (for fear of potential involvement by dirty cops), Greg’s partner cedes to Paige’s demands for a fake identity so that she can personally infiltrate the inner circle of the Kramer Family, the drug lords suspected of murdering Greg.

It should be mentioned that Paige is a medical student and who has no training or intimate knowledge of investigation techniques or the law. All she knows about mob dealings is what she learned after she found out about her ex-stepfather’s mob connections.

Before too long, Paige’s mobster ex-stepfather, Jackson Paine, discovers her working at the club run by his underling. I don’t know how Paige thought she could avoid Jackson, given that he is the mob boss her target reports to. Luckily for Paige, Jackson has a soft spot for his stepdaughter and does not rat her out to the Kramer family. View Spoiler »

Jackson assigns his younger son Damian to watch over Paige and protect her, this includes moving her into Damian’s penthouse apartment. The sexual attraction between Damian and Paige is off the charts. Before they give into mutual passion, Paige continues to get close to Caine Kramer, the disgusting prick who it is confirmed killed her brother Greg. We learn Paige is willing to do anything – and anyone – to avenge her brother’s murder. Trigger Warning: View Spoiler »

The strong points in the novel were the mob intrigue and inner workings, with its best plot points going to Damian’s struggle to balance family loyalty and his own moral survival. Once Paige stops working at the Kramer’s club, the action really picked up, as did the emotional intensity. Damian Paine proves himself a highlight in this story, with his deep-seated vulnerability and integrity conflicting with his father’s expectations. Loving Paige gives him a strength far greater than his muscles do (although, let’s not knock Damian’s muscular physique).

Despite a few shaky plot devices, overall House of Paine is elevated by author Kylie Walker’s ability to write quality sensual moments with a multilayered hero, against a suspenseful mob background.

Excerpt from House of Paine

She could smell the aroma of coffee and it was enticing. Throwing her legs over the side of the bed, she slipped into her moccasin slippers and still dressed in her tank top and booty shorts, she stuck her head out into the hallway. She could hear the shower running. Thinking she could get her coffee and get back to her room before he got out, she headed for the kitchen. She walked through the swinging double doors and looked around. She hadn’t come in here last night. It was a gourmet kitchen with every amenity a gourmet chef might want. She went over to where the coffee pot sat, reached up into the cabinet above it and found a cup and poured herself one. She brought the mug up to her nose and inhaled its aroma letting the steam seep its way into her pores as she did.

House of PaineShe took a sip just as she stepped out into the living room and nearly choked on it. Damien was standing in the center of the room, rubbing a towel through his hair. He was completely nude and Paige had never seen anything like him in her life. Something coiled deep inside of her, something she’d never felt before…like a dam on the verge of collapse. Her body trembled with a raw need. He looked like he’d been sculpted out of clay, or stone. His smooth tanned skin encased a body of solid muscle without an inch of fat anywhere. Brilliantly colored tribal tattoos sleeved his entire right arm and climbed up to his collar bone and neck. On his inner right forearm was the word ‘PAINE’. They caught the light of the sun coming in through the glass walls and Paige wanted to trace them with her fingers. She stood rooted to her spot, fighting the violent urge that coursed through her body to touch him. She could picture herself running her hands across his broad shoulders and letting her fingers dance down across the most defined set of pecks and abs she’d ever laid eyes on. She let her eyes roam over his body freely, soaking in every detail, and as they fell on what he carried between a pair of muscular, shapely thighs, the words “total package” ran through her mind.

“There’s coffee made,” he said, without looking up. He knew she was there watching him. His confidence…or was it arrogance…only served to turn her on more.

“I got some, thanks.”

She was surprised that her voice even worked. It felt like everything inside of her was shaking. He looked up at her then. Paige wasn’t sure what her face looked like at that moment but whatever it was amused him. His sexy full lips quirked up on the edges in a mischievous grin as he said, “If you need a shower, it’s free.”

He turned away from her then and she couldn’t help but watch the flexion of his taut ass and quads as he walked away. His back was as muscular and defined as his front and he had tattoos across his upper shoulders as well. When he disappeared from her sight, it still took her several seconds to recover her heart rate and breathing enough to move herself forward. Paige shivered, then allowed herself to picture him again and finally headed for the shower…a cold one, at that.

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