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Resolutions, Schmesolutions
I’ve fallen into the trap of making resolutions before. I’m fairly certain I’ve resolved to lose weight 40 of the 48 New Years I’ve celebrated. And I can’t be the only one out shopping for plastic bins on New Year’s Day as if Rubbermaid holds the secrets to the universe: “This year I’ll organize the kids’ rooms! I *will* color code my nail polish collection!” All I end up with is stacks of bins staring at me, taunting my failure.

Why does my resolve weaken over time, whether it be a new diet, exercise regime or mass decluttering?

I think my problem is the term resolution sounds so harsh and finite like a decree that has been issued from on high, declaring the all the ways I’m screwing up and must remedy immediately. I’m setting myself up for failure by being too exact in my resolutions (dare I say, too resolute).

This year I’m focusing on growth rather than recrimination. Accordingly, I’m setting the following ATTAINABLE goals for myself:

  • Set a better example for my children Be it eating healthier or being more organized or smiling more – there are so many ways to teach by example.
  • Be kinder to myself I don’t mean more mani/pedis (although that’s always a good idea 😜). Cut yourself some slack, woman!
  • Read more, write more, learn more I want to complete a reading challenge (more to follow soon!) and engage with other bloggers.
  • Attempt to be more creative I’d love to dabble in graphic design or photography or fiction writing or interior design or … well, you get the idea.
  • Reject complacency I will not be complacent regarding injustice and inequality.

My motto for 2018, based on a mug gifted to me by my 9-year-old:

He’s a wise one, my mini-Yoda.




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